7th November 2011



Dear Customer,


ProBrush May 2017 PRICE INCREASE


We regret to inform you that we must review upwardly all our prices.


Like everyone else, we are faced with constant increases in production and distribution costs that are outside our direct control. We pride ourselves on utilising a high proportion, 97% to be in fact, of UK sourced materials.  Brexit still causes uncertainty in the UK economy and as a result of a volotile indutry we have no choice but to increase prices.  Polypropylene has increased by 7.2%.  Indications from our suppliers are that further increases may be implemented to us during 2017.


We always hold prices where we can but in these uncertain times we cannot.  We therefore must advise that our prices are increasing by material cost ONLY with immediate effect. Normally we would expect the prices to be firm for the remainder of the year; however, because some suppliers have indicated further increases, we will be forced to review our costs again should upward movements occur.


Since I took charge of the company in 2009 I have found that industry dicatates ridiculously low margins due to cheaper imported products.  This aside we still maximum effort into manufacturing quality products from UK sourced materials.


We appreciate that price increases are unwelcome and it is with regret that we have to announce it. Please accept that this increase is outside of our control.


If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours faithfully,




Scott Barker

Branch Manager


Slack Millom Increase May17